ME-EXPO 2019 will be fully acted as a bilateral platform to attract international advanced technology and equipment, help manufacturing companies of Zhejiang Province to go outside and accelerate digital economy in our province. The theme of ME-EXPO 2019 is Intelligent, Green and Innovation and it has four Key Theme Shows.

1. Digital Economy and Intelligent Factory Show

         Latest innovative outcomes and industrial solutions of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence sectors; Robots and systems integration, production and process automation equipment, intelligent storage logistics equipment and related accessories. 

           2.Packing, Printing and Plastic Machinery Show

  Paper processing machines like Paper straw machine, Paper cup machine, Drum machine; Packaging machines like food packaging, gift packaging and other kinds of packaging machine; Plastic machines and molds like Injection molding machine, granulator, blow molding machines etc.

           3.Machine Tools and Metal Processing Machines Show

          Metal Cutting Machine Tools, Metal forming Machine Tools, Laser-working Technology, flexible production line, numerical control system, Functional Components & Relevant Products etc.

           4.Knitting and Sewing Machines Show

          Spinning, weaving machine, textile machines, hosiery machines etc. Sewing machines, cutting machines, embroidery machines etc. printing machinery and dyeing plant etc.