ME-EXPO 2024 will be fully acted as a bilateral platform to attract international advanced technology and equipment, help manufacturing companies of Zhejiang Province to go outside and accelerate digital economy in our province. The theme of ME-EXPO 2024 is Intelligent, Green and Innovation and it has four Key Theme Shows.

   ME-EXP 2024 Exhibit Categories

    1. Plastic and Packing Machinery Show

 Plastic machinery, mold, auxiliary machine, manipulator, raw materials, products six in one.

    2. CNC Machine and Metal Manufacturing Show

      Metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, all kinds of machining centers, laser cutting equipment, special processing machine tools, abrasives, tool fixtures, machine tool accessories, etc.

     3. The First Important or Advanced Technological Equipment Show

This section focuses on displaying the first set of equipment identified by Zhejiang province in recent years, as well as key projects of core technology and product industrialization. It contains two parts: achievement area and business area.  

     4. Digital Economy and Future Factory Show

The innovative achievements and industrial solutions of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence based on 5G application scenarios will be highlighted.  

     5. Smart Storage and Logistics Show

      Forklift,sorting,conveying equipment, roller belt and other conveying and picking equipment,Cross-border e-commerce logistics,etc.

     6. Sewing and Knitting Equipment Show

Intelligent manufacturing sewing equipment, automatic sewing unit.Embroidery equipment, quilting equipment, home textile equipment.Ironing, hanging, finishing, auxiliary products, packaging, storage, zero matching, etc.

     7. Digital Direct Injection Technical Equipment and Personalized  Customization Show

Advertising marking equipment, printing code equipment, advertising consumables, etc. Digital printing equipment, digital image technology output equipment, UV printer, printing equipment related consumables and accessories;  Digital textile printing equipment, digital inkjet textile printing equipment, digital inkjet textile printing system, textile printing products, digital printing consumables, etc.